Strange Eons


You are former soldiers. For the past decade a bloody civil war has been waged across the county of Stirland dividing it in two. The supporters of Elector Alberich Haupt-Anderssen fought a desperate struggle against the would be usurper Hans Ferdinand. Neither side gave way and for all intents and purposes the conflict was a draw and seemed it would never end. Then, without any sign Hans offered a truce. Hans agreed to disband his armies and leave the Empire and so he did.

The civil war has been over for nearly 6 months and the county still suffers its scars. Children left orphaned, villages raised to the ground, noble coffers emptied, all casualties of the war. After the conflict many soldiers, yourselves included, knew nothing else. War has been their lives for over a decade and now suddenly they find themselves cast out, tossed out the window with the piss bucket. Many have turned to a life of crime as bandits, raiders, and thieves. Others set out for the city states of Tilea to sell their swords as mercenaries.

You on the other hand have been much more fortunate. During the last year of service your company raided a Nobles home and pillaged much of the wealth for themselves. It was here that you meet a halfling that would change your lives for the better. Mertin Mohr is his name and he is perhaps the best Steward in all of the Empire. You defended Mertin when the others felt it better to kill him, leaving no witnesses. Since that day Mertin has been in your debt. With his help you’ve managed to turn your few coins into a few thousand and today you open your doors for business. Under Mertins guidance you’ve managed to establish a Guild house and open yourselves up for hire as adventurers, mercenaries, bodyguards, whatever a client may need.

Mertin will manage your group accounts for you. It will be up to you to determine how much wealth you put into the Guild treasury and how much you keep for yourselves. Keep in mind that you must pay taxes on your property as well as keep it in good shape. You have a few weapons in your armory as well as a small stockpile of food. Your current coffers are a little low but thankfully a client has just walked through the door……


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