Berlyn Schwartz


Berlyn has long blond hair that she usually wears up in a bun. She has deep brown eyes like two drops of chocolate. She is tall with a slender, curvaceous build. Her skin is cream colored and is as soft as the finest silks. Her clothes are always of the finest fashions and her wardrobe rivals that of some of the woman in Altdorf.


Berlyn has just turned 16 opening her up for marriage proposals. Her beauty is well known in the area and many men have petitioned her father for her delicate hand. None of them has passed the stern judgement of her father but more come every week to plead their case. The woman of the village on the other hand despise her. They hate her for her youth, her beauty, and her money.

Berlyn is not only beautiful,she is an accomplished business woman as well. She has taken it upon herself to learn her fathers business and as such is responsible for some of his latest contracts. She frequently travels on her ailing fathers behalf, a fact that Odmar is not to happy with given the dangers outside the town walls.

Berlyn Schwartz

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