Odmar Schwartz


This confident gentleman has beady blue eyes that are like two sapphires. His short hair is grey and fading He is short and has an stocky build. His skin is light-colored. He has thick eyebrows and large hands.


Odmar is one of the most respected men in the town of Hornau. During the great Civil War he remained loyal to the Elector and actually made a small fortune transporting goods and weapons. Today he remains a man of logistics, importing and exporting various goods. If you need it shipped, distributed, or sold, Odmar is the man to see.

Odmar lives in a large home with his daughter Berlyn Schwartz. Berlyn has just turned 16 years old making her eligible for marriage, a fact that the other single woman in town despise her for. Odmars wife, Harriet died of the Screaming Pox a few harvests ago. He himself is beginning to suffer the effects of ageing, requiring his daughter Berlyn to conduct his out of town business on his behalf.

Odmar Schwartz

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